Glucose Meters

        ACCU-CHEK ACTIVE Glucometer

Item No:
ACCU 002
Desc: It is possible to verify the result by comparing the colour of the round control window on the back of the test strip with the colour scale.
Price Rs. 1480.00
Discounted Price: Rs. 1400.00

        ACCU-CHEK GO Glucometer

Item No:
ACCU 001
Desc: Helps Make Testing More Involving For The Visually Impaired And Helps Confirm Readings And Messages
Price Rs. 1690.00
Discounted Price: Rs. 1400.00

        Omron HEA-230 Digital Blood Glucose Meter

Item No:
Desc: Omron HEA-230 Blood Glucose Monitor consists of a large LCD screen which lets you read the measurements without any difficulty.
Price Rs. 1400.00
Discounted Price: Rs. 1234.80

        Omron HGM-111 Digital Blood Glucose Meter

Item No:
Desc: It requires just a small amount of blood sample and has a memory for up to 512 sets of measurements.
Price Rs. 1980.00
Discounted Price: Rs. 1176.00

        Omron HGM-112 Digital Blood Glucose Meter

Item No:
Desc: HGM-112 has been devised to facilitate the diabetic patients as it allows them to measure the blood sugar levels
Price Rs. 980.00
Discounted Price: Rs. 955.50

        OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

Item No:
ACCU 003
Desc: Make tracking your blood sugar easier and faster. You are alerted With color and audio, when your blood sugar levels are low, high or very high.
Price Rs. 1090.00
Discounted Price: Rs. 900.00

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